What is the most Important Attribute to get Visitors to your Website?

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Agreed that your website design is world class; but does it bring in visitors?

This one question has plagued even the best designed websites.

Even after a lot of redesigns and re-development the websites still does not generate enough interest to augment continuous visitor traffic.

Why? Let’s take a look:

It doesn’t matter which industry you are or what customers you have. The fact is that these customers have problems and they need solutions.

Today, where do they go for their answers? You guessed it; to GOOGLE!

In a world crazed on the Internet, where else can you find solutions to your problems? Google, of course! And this is where your opportunity lies.

What would be the primary objective of a website? To get visitors! What is the most Important Attribute to get Visitors to your Website?


When you answer the questions asked by your customer, on your website, you are creating “contents”. More the contents, more reasons for the visitors to come back and eventually, become your customer.

Content is therefore, the KING and the most important attribute for your Website’s Success!  Good, quality content is what would set your web presence apart and ensure repeat visitors to your website.

Why does Search Engines get content with your fresh Contents?

Search Engines want their customers to have the best user experience and today, this is possible only through fresh contents.

Previously SEO was based on Keywords. Today, having keywords is just not enough. You need contents to substantiate the keywords used.

Google, for example, does not rank the website, it ranks web pages. So, effectively, each page on your website represents a unique opportunity to rank for a keyword or key phrase. Google then checks the relevance of the keywords in the content before ranking the page.

Why would Content be so Important for a Website’s Success?

  1. Content helps attract visitors and establish a relation and convert them as customers
  2. Content attracts search engines and ensure better ranking for your website
  3. Contents help in making you a thought leader in your domain and win trust
  4. Contents help in solving repetitive questions/problems with customers
  5. Contents help in garnering loyalty and encourage sharing.

In the ever-changing digital world, content creation has become more useful than ever for boosting SEO, establishing thought leadership and trust, attracting visitors and generating leads, and for promotion and sharing.

But again one question remains:

How do I generate contents?

You are the authority in your industry and you know what your customer wants. Just jot down the solutions to your customers wants and a content developer would showcase these on your website in the correct perspective.

Success of any website takes time, perseverance and dedicated effort. Success is team work – do what you do best and outsource the rest.

What you need to do is to spend some time every week to analyse the impact, plan for the next week and provide the necessary inputs.

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