Why is Website Maintenance important?

The thing with professional websites is that the job is never complete. It’s wrong to believe that once your web developer completes your website, his job is over and done. On the contrary, his job has just started! Having an attractive, user-friendly and responsive website is just the beginning. You need regular Website Maintenance to […]

Why should I expose my Business in Social Media?

Why should I expose my Business in Social Media? Good question? Social Media that includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc., have all revolutionised the way we communicate on the internet. Yes, Emails are there and still effective, but with Social Media we tend to open our mind, convey our feelings and “post” […]

HTML or CMS ; Which helps to better Manage your Web Presence?

Success in digital market depends on a successful web presence. It is the first, best impression your potential customer would have of your business. Two things matter for a successful web presence: How to manage the content. How to reach the top of the search engine ranking. Management of your web presence is the yardstick […]

How to Get Customers Online and Keep Them!

  We are in an era of ubiquitous information. Customers today, engage only after researching, comparing and in some cases even after making their decisions. How to get customers and keep them for life! “Business Evangelism”, a term that was first coined by Guy Kawasaki, is the art of believing in convincing people in your […]

Making of an Engaging Web Presence!

Want to beat competition at a lower cost? Yes! It is possible!! With the advancement of Internet and fairly cheap access instruments, it is possible today! The modern day customers is not happy with just a website; “I want an “Engaging” website. Can you do something?” asks a customer to our development team. Or “Static […]

4 Reasons why your Web Presence doesn’t Produce Results!

Having a website today is no big deal. Everyone has it. So do you! The maxim, “without a website you don’t exist” is so relevant that every business has a website today and also has social media pages in place. The problem is that these “Web Presences” are so stagnant, that they… suck! With no […]

Blogging – a small, Big Step towards Start-up success.

We live in a world of high quality information that is available freely. With the advent of cheaper smart phones, and even cheaper ISPs every person is searching for information on the “Net”, as it is commonly called. The modern day business environment is heavily dependent on this store house of information. To a Start-up, […]

How Does a Professional Web Presence affect the Business?

 We don’t call this as a “digital age” for nothing! 46 crore internet users in India alone; 97% of users search the internet for local business (Google Survey). That is a mind blowing number! Do you think it is bloated? With low cost mobile devices and cheap internet access, it is a fact that you […]

Branding – Role in the Online Marketplace.

“Branding” has been playing a great role in Marketing from eons – or maybe a little longer. In the past, or maybe happening even today, cattle and horses were branded to tell which ranch/company it belonged and hence their quality and pedigree. Cruel? What do you say! But that’s how it was and “is”. “Branding” […]