How to Get Visitors on your Website?

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Call it an “artistic layout” or whatever – a good design is just not enough get visitors to your website.

Most website owners make the same mistake of focussing on website “design”.

“I just want it look good out there!”

If you are spending on creating a website, don’t you want it flourish and get returns? Don’t you want visitors who would subsequently be your customers?

So… How to get visitors to your website?

Customers come to your website looking for contents.

Design should be pleasing, but it is the CONTENTS that you should be worried about!  And Search Engines – they adore contents.

How does contents effect your web presence!

First: They Generate Visitors

Whatever anyone says, the basic reason for a web presence is to generate visitors, who acknowledge your presence on the internet world.

To achieve this, you need “contents” – that are optimised and search engine friendly. Only then it would show up when a visitor is searching for your type of business or organisation.

Second: Conversion

What happens when your visitor finds your web page? How long does he stay and on which page? Does your content motivate your visitor to take the “next step” or convert?

A professionally designed web presence has contents that are motivating visitors to convert.

Now the next obvious question …. where would you find informative and original content for your web pages?

It’s already with you!



You are an expert in your domain and your business. So, you are the best person qualified to give contents that are interesting to your customers.




Make a list of questions customers often ask. Jot down ideas for some articles that would be of interest to your customers.

This would become the basis to develop your articles. Like “How to” articles. Your visitors will appreciate the information and the contents will excite the search engines!

Seek Professional help

When you jot down your ideas, don’t worry about the grammar.

You can always seek a professional help who would help make your contents captivating for your visitors to take that next step.

Contents do not mean “Text” only. Pictures and images can also be used to attract visitors. Videos are always the favorites to excite the visitors.

Here you would anyways require professional assistance, unless you yourself are a photographer, videographer, Photoshop expertise all rolled into.


Remember, it is because of your content that your visitors come to your web presence. And it is because of how you format the contents that your visitor convert to customers. Quality contents would definitely bring the visitors to come back and also recommend the web presence.

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