How can Improved Website Maintenance help improve your Online Reach!

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Advancement in Website Maintenance Scope can be beneficial to your business, if you have an online presence.

Thanks to the increasing demand for smartphones and affordable 3G and 4G connectivity spewed by various service providers, the Internet usage has been an all-time high.

Even connecting the rural India in a big way!

“We talk of a lot of increasing Internet Users. Do you have any data?”

Internet Penetration in India has surpassed all expectations when instead of the predicted 350 million users, it now expected to be a whopping 750 million users by the end of 2020.

Thanks to the increasing demand in the Smart Phone market, 3G and 4G data connectivity, the Indian mobile internet users would double over by 2020 or so it predicts. (Data: a study report by ASSOCHAM- Deloitte)

Now, does this affect your business or not?

Of course, it does!

  • It forces your business to be online – have a website
  • It forces you to keep your website Responsive and technologically advanced.
  • It forces you to seriously implement “Website Maintenance” and load your website with information thus making it competitive.

The frenzy in the business community to have a Website and be on the internet has been increasing steadily. The cost still “is” the only ruling factor.

But ONE question still remains: what happens after you have put up your website?

Your visitors are bound to get tired of seeing the same old contents every time they are on your website.

How would you overcome the challenge?

Website Maintenance – the key to attracting the burgeoning Internet Users and sustaining Online Branding!

Till now, website maintenance was only thought as a problem fixing solution activities.

  • “My web page is not displaying!”
  • “Oh my God! What happened to my website? It has been attacked by Virus!”
  • “The app is not working, can you fix it”

They would continue to be addressed, but within an advanced scope of website maintenance activities.

So, improved Website Maintenance can actually improve your Online Reach.

Contents Strategising, Development & Management should be a part of Improved Website Maintenance!

“Contents Development & Management” should no more be an exclusive domain but a part of Website Maintenance.

We have been demanding the contents for the webpages from the client. They are not content developers and would have to approach a content developer to develop contents.

Additional cost.

What is the solution?

Include Content Development and Management in Website Maintenance!

Problem solved.

Let’s talk Contents!

One of the major reasons why a visitor gets attracted to your website is the Fresh, Juicy and Quality Contents provided, which you would replenish regularly!

What you require is a strategy to:

  • analyse customer needs,
  • get more, appropriate contents
  • and update your website regularly with these

Content Management does all that and also strategises:

  • the Content Development Platform,
  • timing of Content Placement, and
  • the Application that carries the Contents

It’s the quality of your website contents and the medium on which it is available would help you to reach out to the burgeoning Internet users.

Outsourcing Website Maintenance is not a matter of choice, but a necessity!

  • Unless you want to invest on Web Designer, an image Editor, a Video editor and a Content developer and a SEO specialist in house (the cost?), then Outsourcing could be your best option.
  • Besides, with Outsourcing you get some of the wackiest, untested or tested ideas that could seriously improve your online business, at no extra Cost.

Digital India is accelerating and along with it comes a lot of business opportunities. Internet users are expanding exponentially and professional Website Maintenance is the way to expand your online business.

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