How can Blogs help in Search Effectiveness!

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blog2When you are looking for organic traffic to boost your website search ranking, blogging comes as a great rescuer.

With Google changing its algorithms and policies frequently, it becomes rather difficult to keep a track of what is right and what is wrong.

But the one thing that we can do correctly is Blogging.

Blogs help keep your website informative and relevant; your readers interested and also succeed in improving your search ranking.

How to improve your business blogs!

  1. Blog Frequently.

Blogging is the easiest way to answer your most frequent questions that you encounter – on your business, your products and services. You could write at length on the topic.

And, it has great relevance in SEO.

Each blog is a page with a unique page URL.  This means, you would have more keywords to play with. The Search Engines would love it.

  1. Create Unique Contents

Content is the King in the online world.

Only ensure that the content is unique to your page. Otherwise it would be termed as duplicate contents and this the Search Engines would not like.

  1. Optimise for Keywords

Your blogs should be optimised with relevant keywords. The keywords should appear in your headline and the body of the blog.

Though it is necessary and good, it is better if you can focus on the topic of the blog. Three reasons:

  • One you could take your mind off the intricacies of choosing a keyword and
  • Second, when you focus on topic, keywords would naturally be relevant.
  • And finally, Search Engines also prefer informative blogs with a fantastic user experience.
  1. Your Blogs must be Responsive

The phrase “responsive page” refers to those web pages that can be viewed properly on any device. Be it a desktop, mobile, tablet or anything, your web page should automatically adjust to the device.

What happens if your blog page is not adjusting to a mobile device? The user would naturally go to the web page which adjusts. A customer lost.

More and more people are now using Mobile Networks to browse the internet. So it makes sense to ensure all your webpages and blogs are responsive.

  1. Share your blogs through Social Networks

Ensure your blogs is share on Social Networks. Allow your viewers to share through their social contacts. Who knows where business lurks.


So you see, Blogging can be effective in Search Engine effectiveness.

You probably want to get started right away. Hold your horses.

Blogging requires planning; a calendar perhaps. First ensure you decide date on which you would want to release your blog. Even the Search Engines would appreciate your effort.

As regards to the topics, simply start answering those pain points that your potential customers have. This will surely turn eyeballs and you will see sooner than you expected.

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