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Come on in! 

This is our space and we offer premium web services to business websites.

We are different from all your friendly, neighborhood WDH (Web Design House). Because, we don’t design websites for you!

That’s correct! It’s not for you… it was never for you!

It’s for YOUR customers!

So we discuss your customers, who becomes your customers, your website designing, website maintenance, web service management, SEO & Digital Marketing and also branding – all with equal gusto.

And that’s the difference!

We don’t preempt your website. We collaborate for a great solution and a high yield web presence.

KRAYONS is a brand with an unusual business approach in web management & online brand management.

At KRAYONS, as the idiom goes, we don’t do different things; rather, we do things differently!


We cultivate a selfish relation with our customers!


Yes, selfish! Every relationship has a selfishness to it and ours is no different!

Business Relations, to us means we understand our customer’s business, their business culture and their progress aspirations. We understand your customers and how you deal with them, their expectations and so on.

With these we help achieve your web presence objectives.  In other words, we put YOUR web presence before OUR services.

And this makes good common sense.

Our services are tailored to meet your website needs. Yes!

But, to accomplish them we depend primarily on our team – we call them our “partners”.  We are always focussed on our people. We invest, cajole, fight and sometime scream – but we would have a great solution at the end of it.

A brief Recap

KRAYONS began its story back in 2008.

Back then we were actually experimenting and implementing our ideas of designing, supporting a premium web presence.

Fresh out of our jobs, we took on Web Services with great enthu. And needless to say we have had a dream run.

Today, we are privileged to connect with our 150 customers with exceptional web services and web management activities.

Today, we are a ONE stop solution provider of all Web Presence needs. Call Venky on 9980029149 for any queries.

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