8 Rules that you must know for Designing a successful Business Website!

Website forms an integral part of any business. On the Internet the saying goes” if your business doesn’t have a website, your business doesn’t exist”. 8 rules that you should keep in mind while designing a Successful Business Website. 1. Have a Simple Design for Your Website Website Designs have to be easily navigable and […]

How can Improved Website Maintenance help improve your Online Reach!

Advancement in Website Maintenance Scope can be beneficial to your business, if you have an online presence. Thanks to the increasing demand for smartphones and affordable 3G and 4G connectivity spewed by various service providers, the Internet usage has been an all-time high. Even connecting the rural India in a big way! “We talk of […]

What is the most Important Attribute to get Visitors to your Website?

Agreed that your website design is world class; but does it bring in visitors? This one question has plagued even the best designed websites. Even after a lot of redesigns and re-development the websites still does not generate enough interest to augment continuous visitor traffic. Why? Let’s take a look: It doesn’t matter which industry […]

5 Important Reasons for Regular Website Maintenance!

“When was the last time you updated your website?” You have heard us asking this question every now and then. But again, we persist. If you still are not convinced on the importance of Website Maintenance, the infographics below gives you 5 important reasons for Regular Website Maintenance: Maintain the interest of your Visitors If […]

Why is Website Maintenance Critical for your Business?

Regardless of the size of your business, or your website, Website Maintenance remains a critical part of your website life-cycle. The other day I met one of our close associate who had his website designed by his son’s friend. (I understand friendship, but what I don’t understand is the need to play around with your […]

8 tips for Effective Website Maintenance everyone should use!

We operate in an Internet crazed market where website has evolved as an important tool for any business. But, every website goes through problems like: Contents are outdated Contents are not added frequently Domain Name & Hosting has expired Links are broken Features don’t work Not optimised for Search Engines Design Not Responsive and so […]

How to Get Visitors on your Website?

Call it an “artistic layout” or whatever – a good design is just not enough get visitors to your website. Most website owners make the same mistake of focussing on website “design”. “I just want it look good out there!” If you are spending on creating a website, don’t you want it flourish and get […]

Experience Premium Web Services! KRAYONS

Come on in!  This is our space and we offer premium web services to business websites. We are different from all your friendly, neighborhood WDH (Web Design House). Because, we don’t design websites for you! That’s correct! It’s not for you… it was never for you! It’s for YOUR customers! So we discuss your customers, who becomes […]

How can Blogs help in Search Effectiveness!

When you are looking for organic traffic to boost your website search ranking, blogging comes as a great rescuer. With Google changing its algorithms and policies frequently, it becomes rather difficult to keep a track of what is right and what is wrong. But the one thing that we can do correctly is Blogging. Blogs […]