8 tips for Effective Website Maintenance everyone should use!

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We operate in an Internet crazed market where website has evolved as an important tool for any business. But, every website goes through problems like:

  • Contents are outdated
  • Contents are not added frequently
  • Domain Name & Hosting has expired
  • Links are broken
  • Features don’t work
  • Not optimised for Search Engines
  • Design Not Responsive
    and so forth..

Call it checklist or whatever, what you need are some tips to website maintenance activities that ensure you keep your website healthy and friendly.

Here are 8 tips for Effective Website Maintenance that everyone should use!

Contents are the way to go.

Contents are an important aspect to ensure regular visitor traffic to your website. Besides, they ensure your visitors keep coming back for more.

Outdated Contents; no user will read the same thing over and over again.

So, instead of a stale content, keep researching and adding fresh ones to your site and update the old ones to keep them alive as well. Keep a track of what your customers are asking and keep researching on them. They are your fodder for newer contents.

Update your Content Management Systems (CMS) also.
Do you use CMS website?

CMSs like WordPress get updates frequently. Ignoring these upgrades can result in broken links, broken images and worse your site becomes vulnerable. Changing passwords frequently and updating CMS with latest updates could go a long way to ensure your website is managed properly.

Broken Links can be a real pain 
Broken Links should be checked almost on a daily basis especially If you site has backlinks from other sites. Broken links harms SEO ranking. Besides, your users would get irritated and never visit your website/web page again.

Have you tested your website on all browsers & Gadgets?
Your website should automatically respond to all the browsers otherwise users would find it difficult to access your website across their gadgets. This is called responsiveness of the website.

Ensure you keep your website responsive. If you don’t have one, get your website redesigned to a responsive website.

What is the Load time of your Website? Check!
Website Load Time is an important factor that leads great user experience. Your visitors would get irritated if they find your website slow. Find out the element that is slowing down your Load Time and fix it.

Proofread your website Content
Spellings and Grammar of the contents can be a challenge. Before you put up your website on the main location, ensure a thorough proofread should be done and all possible errors including typo have to be sorted out.

Renew your Domain Name
Sounds trifle, but this can really be a major upset for your traffic flow. So, ensure your domain is renewed well in advance.

Last Word.

If you are looking towards achieving your website objective, then Maintenance and Management is an important aspect. Neglecting Website Maintenance can definitely create a dent in your marketing plans.

If you can’t do it yourself and employing a full time employee is a burden, OUTSOURCE it. You would always find outsourcing professional, dedicated and definitely cost effective.

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