How can Blogs help in Search Effectiveness!

When you are looking for organic traffic to boost your website search ranking, blogging comes as a great rescuer. With Google changing its algorithms and policies frequently, it becomes rather difficult to keep a track of what is right and what is wrong. But the one thing that we can do correctly is Blogging. Blogs […]

Why is Website Maintenance important?

The thing with professional websites is that the job is never complete. It’s wrong to believe that once your web developer completes your website, his job is over and done. On the contrary, his job has just started! Having an attractive, user-friendly and responsive website is just the beginning. You need regular Website Maintenance to […]

Why should I expose my Business in Social Media?

Why should I expose my Business in Social Media? Good question? Social Media that includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest etc., have all revolutionised the way we communicate on the internet. Yes, Emails are there and still effective, but with Social Media we tend to open our mind, convey our feelings and “post” […]

HTML or CMS ; Which helps to better Manage your Web Presence?

Success in digital market depends on a successful web presence. It is the first, best impression your potential customer would have of your business. Two things matter for a successful web presence: How to manage the content. How to reach the top of the search engine ranking. Management of your web presence is the yardstick […]